Breeding and cultivation

The objective of breeding is to modify the hereditary message of a population or group of individuals, or one individual only, to achieve added value in the individuals thus derived. To achieve this change in the hereditary message, methods based on the genetic knowledge of the material in question acquired both through "traditional” genetics (Mendelian, quantitative, of populations, cytogenetics, etc.) and through the application of innovative analytical techniques based on direct study of nucleic acids, especially DNA are employed.

The activities of selection and genetic improvement are developed by using the strategies and genetic models most suitable and functional depending on the plant species in question. Plant species, in addition to morphological, physiological and chemotypical differences, can be differently autogamous or allogamous and can be reproduced sexually or asexually. The combination of these and other variants affect the choice of the methods of breeding and cultivation that are specifically used for each species. Phytoplant Research S.L. use traditional breeding methods, such as hybridization through controlled pollination, and some plant biotechnology methods to help us to accelerate the breeding program. Currently, plant biotechnology is a science widely used at a global level but, at the same time, it is the subject of a great deal of criticism, particularly with regard to its more extreme applications, such as the cultivation of genetically modified plants for productive purposes. Phytoplant Research S.L. does not use biotechnological techniques of genetic modification to obtain new plant chemotypes, but prefers to use plant tissue culture techniques, chromatographic and DNA genetic analysis techniques to optimize the breeding program. The breeding program is initially carried out under artificial growing conditions in an industrial warehouse. All aspects of the climate for growing, including temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, air exchange and photoperiod, can be adjusted and are controlled by computer. Plants are grown without the use of pesticides. The productivity of the varieties selected and hybridized under theseartificial growing conditions will be further evaluated in outdoors or greenhouse scenarios according to the plant species and the agrotechniques adopted. The raw materials will be industrially produced in outdoors or in greenhouse conditions, possibly from organic crops, in collaboration with other agricultural companies once the derived products will have started to be sold. One of the main objectives of Phytoplant Research S.L. is to ensure the industrial supply of phyto-pharmaceutical quality raw materials, both non-psychotropic and psychotropic, and for this reason the company maintains tight security control during agricultural and industrial production, as well as commercialization. At the same time, with the aim of guarding the crops and facilities, the company has a round the clock private security service and cutting edge remote control devices, thus ensuring that the system is water-tight.

Research on Breeding & Cultivation