Departments in Phytoplant Research

Phytoplant Team Structure


Management and Quality Control

Shahram Bakhtari

Managing Director

Shahram Bakhtari has extensive experience in leading international companies in various industries. He has started his professional career as a lawyer working with an international law firm in Brussels and in Rotterdam. In the past six years he has worked as an executive in different European countries.

Shahram holds a master´s degree in law from Radboud University in the Netherlands and The University of Sydney in Australia. He also holds an executive MBA from Nyenrode Business Uninversiteit in the Netherlands and the Stellenbosch University in South Africa.

Dr. Carlos Ferreiro Vera

Coordinador de proyectos de I+D

Carlos Ferreiro es licenciado en Química y doctor en Química Analítica, con especialidad en el desarrollo de plataformas analíticas en metabolómica, por la Universidad de Córdoba. Adicionalmente amplió sus estudios para obtener un perfeccionamiento en calidad industrial, procesos farmacéuticos, medioambiente, seguridad y gestión de laboratorios.

Ha participado en proyectos de investigación tanto en la Universidad de Córdoba como en el Instituto Maimónides de Biomedicina de Córdoba (IMIBIC), en los que se han abordado la creación de nuevas plataformas analíticas en metabolómica, empleo de energías auxiliares en la preparación de muestras, la explotación y aprovechamiento de residuos de la industria agroalimentaria, la búsqueda de nuevos nutracéuticos y productos de alto valor añadido y el aislamiento, purificación y caracterización de la actividad biológica de principios activos de plantas medicinales. Como resultado de su trayectoria científica ha publicado más de una veintena de artículos, todos ellos en las revistas científicas de mayor índice de impacto de su área de conocimiento, así como con la participación activa en numerosos congresos nacionales e internacionales.

Desde 2012 es el responsable del departamento de analítica en Phytoplant, en el que se diseñan y aplican los métodos de análisis pertinentes para realizar el correcto control de calidad de todas las materias primas, productos intermedios y finales que se obtienen durante todo el proceso industrial acorde a la normativa vigente.

Simultáneamente, desde 2018 se encarga de la coordinación de los proyectos de investigación de la empresa, así como de la gestión de las actividades relacionadas con los sistemas de gestión ambiental y la I+D+i implantadas en la empresa.

Mª Ángeles Pieri Barbado


MªAngeles Pieri got her degree in Business Administration at Córdoba University. She holds MBA and Certificate of Competency at Financial and Administrative Management of International Trade”, She has worked in the fiels of accountancy-administration and finance in several companies, herein also managing the área of International Commerce. Since September 2016, she is member of Phytoplant Research SL as executive assistant and chief financial officer take on administration, accountancy and finance of the company.

Carmen Cabanillas Pedregosa

Executive Assistant

Carmen Cabanillas is an Administrative Technician with an experience of more than 10 years working in the area of Administration of different companies. Since November 2018, she has been working as an administrative assistant in the Phytoplant Research team, specifically in the Management Department, carrying out her own administration-accounting tasks, and collaborating in the management of economic justification of R+D+I projects.

Breeding and Cultivation

Dr. Verónica Codesido Sampedro

Manager of the Breeding and Cultivation Department

Verónica Codesido Sampedro is doctor in biology for the University of Vigo (2006). Her doctoral thesis was made in the Lourizán Forest Research Institute (CIFAL), being the aim of the thesis stablishing the radiata pine breeding program in Galicia. During her PhD, she had also the opportunity to collaborate with Dr. Dag Lindgren at SLU (Umea, Sweden) during few months to learn as much as possible about quantitative genetics, genetic gain, combining ability, etc. Thanks to all this work, several papers on important SCI journals were published as well as participation on several congresses, Workshops, seminars, etc. Simultaneously, she had the possibility to participate in an ambitious European Project titled TREEBREEDEX with more than 24 European research institutes all around Europe. She enjoyed a postdoctoral position (JAEdoc) in the Agrobiological Research Institute (CSIC) in Santiago de Compostela (Spain) on in Vitro culture and molecular biology of chestnut and oak, being the first that has identified a gene responsible of the root formation process as well as responsible of flowering structure on forest specie, publishing it on GeneBank databases. Later, she started to work at Aula Dei Research Institute in Zaragoza (Spain) in the sorghum breeding program for obtaining bioethanol for biodiesel production. She also was working in Al Zaidin Research Station in Granada in proteomics of horticultural species. Finally, she was working at the University of Cordoba on an interesting project about the use of biotechnology for improving olive breeding programs, using all the techniques learned before. She is referee of several international scientific journals of plant breeding.

Pilar Esquinas Obrero

Cultivation Assistant

Pilar started working at Phytoplant Research SL since 2013, performing tasks such as maintaining the hygienic conditions of all growing rooms to avoid possible contamination and diseases, and maintenance of plants in all stages of growth (pruning, cuttings, harvested, treatment of plant material, etc).

Carolina Corral Cobacho

Agronomist engineer

Carolina Corral Cobacho is an Agronomist Engineer from the Higher Technical School of Agricultural and Forestry Engineers of the University of Córdoba, specialized in the area of agricultural technique and integrated crop production. She is currently finishing the master's degree in quality, hygiene and food safety, acquiring technical knowledge on fundamentals, design, application and management of quality systems.

She began her career as a technician in the Spanish Association of Conservation Agriculture, performing functions of field trials and agricultural research. Later as an auditor and inspector of phytosanitary equipment in agri-food cooperatives of Andalusia.

Currently part of Phytoplant Research S.L. as responsible for the cultivation rooms, ensuring technical control, designing the cultivation plans, as well as the control of the application of phytosanitary products, climate management, control of irrigation systems.

Alejandro Gil Rivera

Agronomist engineer

Alejandro Gil Rivera is an Agricultural Engineer from the University of Córdoba, and a Technical Agricultural Engineer and Safety and Occupational Health Specialist from the University of Seville. During his studies he specialized in horticulture, covered and open field systems, fruit crops and quality systems. Since 2017 he has been working for Phytoplant Research S.L., giving technical assistant to the Department of Hybridization and Cultivation in different cultivation systems or in Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), and collaborating with the different research projects of the Department.

Before starting at Phytoplant, Alejandro developed his professional career working in the Spanish fruit and vegetable sector. First in AlmerÍa and later in Murcia and Granada, he specialized as field technical, giving technical advice to the partners of the most advanced companies. Alejandro was participant in the conversion of many conventional crops to integrated production and later to ecological production.

Another work in which he specialized in Almería was quality responsible of horticultural warehouses. Here he was responsible for the implementation of the Quality Management System, the Quality Manual, and the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) system. He was the traceability management responsible, purchasing manager, customer complaints, quality controls, maximum residue limit (MRL), environmental impact, and risk prevention responsible. Another important task that was developed by Alejandro was the implementation of Good Agricultural Practices, and Hygiene and Manipulation, Normalization and Certification for different audits (GlobalGAP, IFS, BRC, Biosuisse, Ecological Agriculture, Integrated Production) and corrective actions.

The accumulated experience led him work as internal auditor and quality inspector for the four most important European supermarkets throughout the spanish territory.

Almudena Hernández Cotán

Agricultural Engineer

Responsible for research in the department of hybridization, dedicated to the agronomic management of the crop.

He joined Phytoplant S.L, in 2016, although he was already collaborating since 2012 within the agreement with the Research Center IFAPA Las Torres Tomejil.

He also has extensive experience in the sustainable management of water resources and fertilization in woody crops, as well as in the management of irrigation production systems in semi-arid conditions.


Dr. Verónica Sánchez de Medina Baena

Manager of the Extraction Department

She holds a degree in Chemistry from the University of Córdoba (2001); She coursed two master’s degree, one in Engineering, Management and Auditing of the Environment (2003), and one in "Advanced Fine Chemistry" (2011). She completed his PhD, related to new studies, on the improvement of olive oil and the use of olive residues, in the Department of Analytical Chemistry of the University of Córdoba; defending it in 2014.

For more than 6 years she had worked in the private sector dedicating to the formulation and manufacture of cosmetic products, as well as quality management.

She has experience in the development of methods for qualitative and quantitative analysis in Metabolomics; in extraction and analysis of metabolites of natural extracts; in identification of markers in genetic improvement programs and in revalorization of waste in the agri-food industry through the extraction and isolation of bioactive compounds.

This experience has helped him to develop his current work in Phytoplant, where she performs the extraction of natural compounds from cannabis by means of organic solvents, both in liquid and gaseous state. The purification of cannabinoids by crystallization and preparative liquid-liquid chromatography: countercurrent chromatography (CCC), centrifugal partition chromatography (CPC) and Flash chromatography. As well as the development of new methods of both extraction and purification of cannabinoids.

Along his career she has published more than 15 articles in international scientific journals, and she has participated in different national and international conferences.

Dr. Guillermo Moreno-Sanz

R&D Formulation Manager

Guillermo has always been interested in the psycopharmacology of cannabis. My doctoral research lead to the discovery of a novel mechanism by which cannabinoids control the painful inputs arising from the nerve endings before reaching the spinal cord. Further, he characterized a new class of potent analgesic compounds that do not cross the blood-brain barrier. Currently, he is focused on providing R&D solutions for leading companies in the cannabis industry.

Analytical Chemistry

Dr. Carlos Ferreiro Vera

Manager of Analytical Chemistry Department

Carlos Ferreiro is a graduate in Chemistry and holds a Phd in Analitical Chemistry by the University of Cordoba, with a specialization in the deveolpment of analytical platforms in metabolomics. He has also had mastery training in industrial quality standards, pharmaceutical processes, environmental safety and lab management.

He has participated in research projects for the University of Cordoba and the Maimonides Biomedical Institute (IMIBIC), in fields such as the creation of new analytical platforms in metabolomics, the use of auxiliary energies in the preparation of samples, the search for new nutraceutics and products with a high added value and the isolation, purification and characterisation of the biological acvitity of the active principles in medicinal plants. Throughout his career he has over twenty articles published in scientific journals of the highest impact index for the field, and has taken part actively in numerous national and international congresses and meetings.

Since 2012 Dr. Ferreiro is in charge of the analytical department in Phytoplant, and is responsible for the design and application of the analytical methods necessary for quality control over all raw materials, intermediate and final products, throughout the complete industrial process and in compliance with the legislation in force.

Since 2018 he is also responsible for the coordination of research projects across the company, as well as the management of the activities derived and related to the enviromental management procedures and RD&I.

Azahara María Pérez Ruiz

Laboratory Technician

Azahara was a graduated in Chemisty in 2017 and coursed an Agrifood master in 2018.

As professional experience, she made an intership in IFAPA for three months.

She carried out a research about the caracterization of different varieties of fresh onion and their evolution to black onion. This research was achieved by a combination of headspace solid phase microextractionand gas chromatography - mass spectrometry (SPME-HS-GC-MS). During this period, she got Galileo Grant thus she could increase her intership for four months. She could continue her research and she started new lines in garlic research.

This experience allowed her to working in Phytoplant as a laboratory technician in Quality and Control Department.

Technology and Control

Jesús Hidalgo García

Manager of Technology and Control Department

Jesús Hidalgo is an Industrial Technical Engineer with specialization in Electronics. He obtained his degree in the University of Cordoba (2014). He has extensive experience in the industrial sector. He is specialized in automation. He has designed, developed and implanted systems in industries as diverse as foundries, cement, renewable energy, agro-food, among others.

Currently, he specializes in the research and development of new automated systems for cultivation, irrigation, climate control and lighting, as well as monitoring and analysis of a large amount of data extracted from the activities developed by the company.

Jorge Martínez López

Technology and Control Assistant

Jorge has spent his working life planning the installation and on-site maintenance of the computer park of various Andalusian companies in various sectors: hospitality, food processing, manufacturing-construction, etc.

He is now part of the Technology and Control team as a technical assistant and trainer of new technologies for the staff of the other departments, and is also responsible for the maintenance of the Phytoplant computer network.


Mar Marín Delgado

Operations Manager

Mar has a wide experience in planning, managing and coordination of work teams.

Her beginning at Phytoplant Research was in the middle 2014 coordinating a team of field workers and taking data from different experiments in open field.

Since 2016 working as Manager of Operations Department, she is in charge of different services in the company as logistic of vegetal material transport, control of critic drug material and team management and coordination to support the other departments in the company.

Juan Manuel Peralbo Esquinas

Operation Assistant

Juan Manuel has obtained as far as training is concerned Compulsory Secondary Education, Course of initiation to irrigation and localized irrigation, phyto-sanitary level qualified applicator course.

Throughout his working life he has dedicated himself to the hospitality, automotive and official sector in the construction sector (carving and cutting).

Diagnose, maintain and repair industrial equipment and machinery systems in the different facilities, considering the technical specifications of the maintenance plan and production needs. Cleaning of tanks, pipes, filters and calibration of sensors of PH and EC of irrigation system. Reception and organization of material for different departments. Installation of different automatic systems of cultivation, irrigation, lighting and climate. Collaboration with the Department of Hybridization and Cultivation, Extraction, Analytical Chemistry and Technology and Control.

Edu Ulo

Operation Assistance

Edu has training in risk prevention, operations and hostelry.

In his previous work stages he has worked in the field of hospitality, masonry and commercial peon.

In Phytoplant Research, he works in the operations department, performing cleaning tasks, managing company vehicles and crop materials, filling equipment, reviewing the check list and other maintenance tasks.